About Us

Our Story

The IncluFit blog was started by Jennifer Hobbs, a fitness professional who has worked for many years designing and developing fitness programs for individuals with disabilities. It was during her work with individuals in the disability community that Jennifer discovered a gaping void in the mainstream health and fitness industry.

She found that many of her clients wanted to participate in health and fitness activities, but felt that most fitness facilities and exercise professionals were not properly equipped to meet their needs. This compelled Jennifer to further explore the concept of inclusive fitness, that is the integration of people with and without disabilities in physical activity, as well as the tools currently available to fitness professionals. The further she ventured into her exploration of this concept, the more she realized that there really were very few readily available educational resources, equipment or tools to integrate those with disabilities into the fitness community. It was out of this realization that the IncluFit blog was born.

Jennifer and other dedicated contributors now share their experience and passion for inclusive fitness with health, fitness, and recreation professionals around the world. We’re excited and motivated to spread the word about the inclusive fitness revolution.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating fitness opportunities for individuals of all levels and abilities. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy and active life. We are passionate about breaking down barriers and giving individuals with disabilities equal opportunity to fully participate in physical activity.

Our mission is to provide health and fitness professionals and individuals in the community with the education and tools required to create health, fitness, and recreation opportunities that are inclusive of individuals of all abilities.

Our vision is a future where inclusive fitness is seamlessly integrated in all fitness organizations and facilities. Equal opportunity, equal access, equal inclusivity.